GDG DevFest Kabul 2019 Website

Web Development - Education



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Development Team

Shahir Hossaini

Web Developer

Rateb Ghiasy

UI/UX Designer


Saawis partnered with GDG Kabul as a diamond sponsor for this huge event. As a contribution, Saawis offered to develop a website and mobile app for the event. The team designed, developed, and released the website and mobile app within two weeks. Some of the features included in the website and mobile app are:

- Count down to start of the event.
- Event Agenda details
- Speakers information.
- Sponsors and partners information.
- Organizers information

The DevFest Kabul 2019 website and app developed by Saawis helped display the hard work and the effort the organizers put into this amazing event. Programs like these show that Afghanistan's tech industry is going in the right direction. 
Saawis is proud to have helped the developers community in Afghanistan and we are happy to do the same anytime. 

Aria University

Aria University is a private university in northern Afghanistan. With more than three 3000 students and 150 lecturers, Aria University is one of the best universities in the country.


GDG Kabul

GDG Kabul was started in March 2018 and since then they have organized many events, workshops and programs for Afghan developers in all over the country. DevFest 2018 was the hightlight of GDG Kabul events last year with morethan 250 participants, 15 speaker and 13 sessions and 4 workshops. Visit GDG Kabul facebook page for detailed information about the past events.



ELCLCs help Afghan university students and faculty improve their English proficiency through open-access and instructor-led courses using the latest off-the-shelf and tailored software, curricula, and web-based resources. The centers also help advance computer competencies for university students and staff through their computer training courses. There are currently eleven ELCLCs at 9 universities across Afghanistan.


Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment

Currently, the chamber represents over 90 % of the total Afghan workforce. ACCI is headquartered in Kabul and operates 27 branch chambers in 25 provinces. Its current membership exceeds 65,000 companies and 255 business unions, associations, and cooperatives who represent a vast majority of the total Afghan workforce.  


MSME Website

The MSME website registered under the domain name ( has been developed by Saawis software development services with support from the GIZ-SEDEP office to help the MSME business owners get connected with the directorate.